Design Services

Graphic Design Services in Sonora, CA – located in the golden foothills of Tuolumne County.

Definition of Graphic Design: graphic design is a CRAFT where PROFESSIONALS create visual content to COMMUNICATE messages

Jazzed About Printing is honored to employ a seasoned Graphic Designer who has 35+ years of experience CRAFTING her PROFESSION and we are “jazzed” to have her. She has lived in Calaveras County for over 35 years and has either created or worked with a solid percentage of logos and printed material that has been viewed in both Calaveras and Tuolumne counties. She is proficient in all things design related – we believe she is amazing and there is no one better!

35+ years of knowledge here for YOU – let your ideas come to life!

Jazzed Trivia: our graphic designer views her daily list of work as little Christmas presents!

She is doing what she loves and it reflects in her work.